Coronavirus Safety For  Clients

Relaxation Rituals Practices  in response to the Coronavirus include:

Most Important: Stay updated and follow your national and local health authorities’ recommendations and guidance about the coronavirus. 

If You Do Not Feel Well Or If You Have Any Symptoms, Please Do Not Call To Schedule!

Only Offering Silent Sessions No Talking Allowed!!

Simply Arrive, Receive And Enjoy!






 In Order To Confirm A Session You Must Have Your Own Face Mask / Covering.

Mask Must Be On Before Entering The Location.

Mask Remains On During The Session No Exceptions..... If Removed The Session Ends.


I Do Not Expect You To Try To Breathe Comfortably Wearing A Face Mask While Laying Face Down.

Therefore All Sessions Will Begin And End Mask On Face Up.


My Goal Is To Provide Comfort, Relaxation And Safety On An Equal Scale.

Again, This Is A Silent Session From Beginning To The End.

My Treatment Room, Equipment, Instruments, Have Always Been Clean, Organized, Disinfected / Sterilized

Between Clients.

Those Of You Who Know Me, Know That I Am Pleasantly In Peace With A Beautiful Case Of OCD.

As Usual I Will Continue To Disinfect Common Areas And Shared Surfaces Such As Light Switches And Door Knobs Along With All Bathroom Handles... Toilet, Shower, Clothing Hooks.,Towel Rods...etc.

Massage Table Will Be As Usual Disinfected Between Visits, And All Linen And Sheets Provided Will And Have Always Been Fresh And Clean. 

Safety Is Always My Number One Priority, Many Of You May Have Noticed I Was Among The First To Close My Service.

These Safety Steps Along With Your Own Personal Cautiousness Will Help Relaxation Ritual Play A Part

In Keeping Our Community And Loved Ones Safe And Healthy.

This Time In Our Lives Is A New Experience Or Dimension For All Of Us

And Although These Precautions May Seem Severe And Even Uncomfortable

 Please Keep In Mind These Steps Are For Everyone's Safety.

This To Shall Pass...But Until It Does .....It Is What It Is...... Until It Ain't!!!

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