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Deposit Of 50.00


One of the most difficult things to ask a client as an Intuitive Relaxation Specialist is, "Can I please get a deposit for the booking?" Most of the time, it's a good test to see who is legitimate and who is just wasting our time, but often we can lose legitimate clients, because they're worried about paying us before they even see us.


Not every Specialist / Professional will ask for a deposit or has the ability to, and last minute bookings pretty much never incur one but with money now so firmly in the electronic realm, it's becoming a lot more common.


Here's the thing, clients. When you hire a lawyer, you pay them a retainer. When you get a loan, you pay a deposit. There are many professions which will require a down payment of money before you receive the service, to ensure that you can pay, and that you will attend the sessions that you have promised to. 

When you hand wave at the idea of paying a Specialist/ Professional a deposit, you are saying that you don't respect us or our profession in the same way as any other - and, I think you'll find our industry is older than any bank or law firm.


We take deposits for the same reasons as everyone else; when you don't turn up with the full payment, we lose money that could have been given to us by the legitimate booking whose slot you took. Not everyone can afford for this to happen to them, and you might be literally taking food from their table and children's mouths.

Giving a deposit is not  a hard thing to do - so many time-wasters act like I'm making them hike up a mountain to talk to an ancient monk at a temple and learn an ancient art.


There are plent ways to make an easy, discreet and quick deposit. These methods are all super easy and most only require around four minutes of your time. I'm sure you're a very busy person, but instead of wasting that four minutes arguing about why you're too paranoid to give a deposit, try researching one of these instead:

1. Cash App / Simple / Please call to request my cash app tag name in order to send funds via cash app.

2. PayPal / Simple /  Please call so I can send you a payment request via your discreet email no paypal account required.

 "But Tiarra, what if they run away with my deposit and I never see them?"

Firstly, it is your responsibility as the client to check that the Specialist/Professional that you are hiring is legitimate.

A) Looking for multiple advertisements and advertisement history (Google It Up)
B) Checking that their pictures are verified on websites that offer image verification. (Image Verification Free Online Service)
C) Checking for social media engagement (Instagram, Facebook)
D) Where are the sessions being held at...if at a private home or a residential studio then more than likely It's a safer situation then someone working from a variety of different hotel locations.... again do your research and approach each provider on individual presentation.

E) Request a phone call and see how they speak with you on the phone, you can tell alot about a person based on their phone etiquette.

It's important to note that not all will have all of these things available, especially those who are new to the field.

The more legitimate the Specialist/Professional, the more they have to lose for ripping you off, and the less likely they are to do so.

You.... the clients, are the ones who don't have highly public profiles, you can contact us on a burner phone or a fake email and simply book and then not show up,.... with no repercussions.... to avoid the possibility of you doing this, the precautions we take is to ask for an upfront deposit. 

Secondly, a deposit is usually not the full amount. It's a nominal percentage, around 10%, but sometimes maybe more, at my discretion.


I rarely charge deposits, especially for regular clients, but when I do, it's around 10% for bookings with first time clients or early morning bookings.

Most of the time, deposits are $50-$100 so....I am not running away with that money, I won't get far, except maybe to the local grocery store.


I'm not hopping on any planes and retiring with 50 bucks, especially when I know if I follow through with my planned session I end up with alot more.

The kind of person who practices that kind of robbery is more than likely very young, desperate and inexperienced or one who is dealing with drug addiction and needs a quick fix...they are not professionals in this field, as a client it is up to you to be smart enough to do the proper research so that you are able to differentiate between the two.

The deposit is just there to secure your session and compensate me for my prep time and or travel time should you cancel last minute or not turn up at all.

Some ask for the full fee to be paid in advance, and some clients prefer to pay the entire fee in advance. Do watch out for someone with no reputation who asks for the full fee straight up, or a large deposit like 50%. 

Watch out for providers with no contact other than an email address who ask for these things - basically, be sensible, and do your research, this will help you make informed choices.

Thirdly, running away with a deposit means we don't get repeat business, and our names are soiled. I don't want to be known as the Specialist/Professional who stole from a client - no one would ever trust me again, and I'd lose regular clients.

Fellow Specialists/Providers will shun thieves as well, because they give the entire field a bad name, and make it harder for everyone to collect deposits. 

We have a lot more to lose financially than you do in this case. If the provider cancels the booking, then they will return the deposit, but if you cancel on us - that's on you, and that's why we require a deposit in the first place.

We take the time to set the environment before you arrive to make sure you feel welcomed and comfortable.

We take the time to prep and clean the environment to make sure once you arrive you feel safe.

We take the time to do our hair and make up and to pick out the perfect occasion outfit in hopes of visually pleasing you once you arrive.
We set up our massage tables, prepare our steamed massage stones and we warm our body oil especially to offer you an unparalleld relaxation experience.

We take the time to travel the distance in order to meet and greet you at the desired locations.

So..... to have you call 15 minutes before our session is about to begin to say you will not be arriving or in some cases not even call and just not show up at all.... some of you have been on the receiving end of this so you know exactly how this feels....It Sucks!!!!

Our Relationship has to be based on trust.

You trusting me to provide you with the service as advertised on the website. 

You trusting me that I am the person in the photo.

You trusting me that the experience I offer will be a sane and safe one.

Me trusting you that you will arrive in order to receive all that I have to offer. 

Please for all New Clients, in order to schedule and confirm a relaxation session with Relaxation Ritual please be prepared to pay a deposit. ...make this easy for me and I will make it easy for you....looking forward to speaking and hopefully meeting with you soon, have a blessed and successful day.

Relaxation Ritual


A combination of freeing the mind, surrendering the soul, and nourishing touch allows for a total harmonious balance as one whole.

No Matter Where You May Find This Posting...I Post Where I Can For The Exposure

No Matter Where You See This Listing, My Time And Service Remain Professional And Consistent.

The Service Offered Is Always Listed In The Body Rub Section Because That Is The Time I Offer.

Do Not Base Your Expectations Of My Service From The Add Above Mine Or The Posting Beneath Mine.

Each Person Offers Their Time On Their Individual Skill Set And Comfort Level.

I Invite You To Get Familiar With The Comforts Of My Skill Set On Each Level.

I Ask That You Arrive, Relax And Receive

Allowing My Flow Of Energy To Connect With Your Soul, So That Together We May Create An Aura Of Complete Relaxation .

Quiet / Clean / Safe / Parking / Stairs To Climb / Shower / Massage Table

Relaxation Ritual  

For All First Time Visitors And Or Early Morning 10 Am. Appointments

A $50 dollar advance deposit is required to hold your appointment time.

You may send your deposit an hour in advance.

To Make Your PayPal Deposit Without Using A PayPal Account Please Call. 

Via Cash App Please Call

Any remaining balance for your appointment can be provided via cash upon arrival. 

Gratuity For My Time

Call: 781-817-3116    

No Out-Calls 

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