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Relaxation Ritual

11 Am.  -  4 Pm.

 Gratuity For My Time

Call: 781-817-3116    

No Out-Calls 

Gliding Stones

Warm Oil

Steam Towels


Relaxation Ritual


A combination of freeing the mind, surrendering the soul, and nourishing touch allows for a total harmonious balance as one whole.

No Matter Where You May Find This Posting...I Post Where I Can For The Exposure

No Matter Where You See This Listing, My Time And Service Remain Professional And Consistent.

The Service Offered Is Always Listed In The Body Rub Section Because That Is The Time I Offer.

Do Not Base Your Expectations Of My Service From The Add Above Mine Or The Posting Beneath Mine.

Each Person Offers Their Time On Their Individual Skill Set And Comfort Level.

I Invite You To Get Familiar With The Comforts Of My Skill Set On Each Level.

I Ask That You Arrive, Relax And Receive

Allowing My Flow Of Energy To Connect With Your Soul, So That Together We May Create An Aura Of Complete Relaxation .

Quiet / Clean / Safe / Parking / Stairs To Climb / Shower / Massage Table

Relaxation Ritual

11 Am.  -  4 Pm.

Gratuity For My Time

Call: 781-817-3116    

No Out-Calls 


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