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How can we enjoy the benefits of ancient rituals in our busy modern lives?

Ever found yourself captivated by the beautiful meditation ceremonies at a temple? Or dreamed of cultivating your own spiritual practice, but don’t know where to start? I think we’ve all found ourselves, at some point, lingering on the idea of creating space for more sacredness in our lives. But how? With all of our commitments and responsibilities, how do we find the time to cultivate our spiritual practices?

The secret to successfully establishing a daily meditation practice is making it a ritual. That is, commitment to a consistent and regular practice of a specific series of yoga and meditation techniques.

There is something special about seeing in the day with awareness, ease and spiritual connection. When we have a Morning Meditation Ritual, we wake up knowing we have time and space to nurture ourselves before the responsibilities and demands of the day begin.


Additionally, it sets a peaceful tone for the rest of the day, improving our ability to deal with stress, and make sound, mindful decisions throughout the day. Compound that daily experience of peacefulness over a year; multiple years; or a lifetime – and you’ve got the secret to living a sacred, happy life, no matter what your external circumstances are.


Setting the Scene

The truth is, the external space doesn’t really matter. Sometimes getting out in nature can be just as (if not more!) appropriate as sitting at a designated meditation space. However, if you have the room and the inclination, setting up a space with a comfortable cushion and your meditation beads, in a space that is away from all distractions can be really helpful in focusing your mind and externally compartmentalising your practice.


The Ritual

The potent practises in this meditation ritual have been practiced and developed by sages and self-realised yoga masters over thousands of years. These techniques are the most ancient methods of meditation and have no actual historical beginning. They are derived from the Vedic or Yogic sutras (texts) which were first written down 5000 years.

Mantra is the core of the meditation practice. The breathing techniques prior to the Mantra Meditation are designed to help prepare your mind and body to rest in the sounds of the Mantras.

Once you have learned the sequence you can practice it for 15 minutes once or twice a day.

Relaxation Ritual

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Relaxation Ritual


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Relaxation Ritual

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